Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park covers nearly 800,000 acres and offers visitors the unique chance to see two large desert ecosystems come together in one amazing park. Few areas in the world so vividly illustrate the contrast between the "low" Colorado Desert, where Desert Hot Springs and the rest of the Coachella Valley is located, and the "high" Mojave Desert, best known as the habitat of the undisciplined Joshua tree.

The park lies in the Pacific flyway of migratory birds and is a rest stop for many. Some 240 species have been observed there. Spring is an excellent season for birding, as well as wildflower viewing. Visitors year-round will be fascinated by the park's surreal geological features.

Desert Hot Springs is the gateway to Joshua Tree National Park, which is a 30-35 minute drive from the resorts listed at left. Or, those who prefer to ride can call Elite Land Tours for tours of the park by luxury Hummer.

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